36 Hour Sous Vide Ribs

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Easy, set and forget "smoked" ribs. I would be lying if I said these were just as good as what a proper pit smoker would serve, but they are still damn good. I think these are about as good as any apartment/condo dweller can hope to achieve. The key to the smoke/pink ring is the…

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Home Made Poke

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The beauty of a Poke Bowl is you can really make it however you want. In the ingredients below, I've just listed the vegetable "addons" as Veg 1, Veg 2, etc. because there really is no set specific vegetables to use. In the pics at the bottom I've used everything from shaved green onions, to…

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British Airways Catering

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This is a tale of two economies. On our flight to Britain we were seated in BA's World Traveler Plus (aka Premium Economy) and on our return flight we were in their World Travel (aka steerage) seating.

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