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British Airways Catering

This is a tale of two economies. On our flight to Britain we were seated in BA’s World Traveler Plus (aka Premium Economy) and on our return flight we were in their World Travel (aka steerage) seating. Both flights were on the upper deck of the A380 (pictured above) an as a result we had some extra shoulder room against the window, which was quite nice. We were really curious to see the difference between their basic economy and premium economy food and how it was presented differently. First up is the premium economy “chicken” dish:

BA’s World Traveler Plus (Premium Economy) Black Bean Chicken Stir-fry

As you can see, its served on actual china and inside the napkin is metal cutlery. It also came with a garden salad and a rather tasty Butter Pecan Cream Cake for dessert. Also served with a fresh roll. All in all I’d call it edible, the chicken wasn’t over cooked, the rice was a little over done, but passable, and the roll was surprisingly fresh. The cake was the star of the meal as it was actually quite delicious! 

For our return flight we opted for the chicken dish again as a good ‘side-by-side’ comparison:

BA’s World Traveler (Economy) Chicken Curry

Obviously the plating is not as ‘nice’ as what you get a few seats forward, and it is served with plastic knives and forks, but the taste was what I would call ‘decent’. I actually preferred this entree to the one we were served on the way to the UK, while I preferred the sides on the other flight. The chicken was cooked to perfection, it was nice and tender and juicy, and the flavours of the curry were not overpowering while the rice was actually cooked better than on the premium economy flight. It was served with what I could only describe as a coronation chicken salad with no chicken, a half stale roll of some sort, and a chocolate orange ganache for dessert. 

So there you have it, the answer to a question almost no one asked, how do the meals compare between Economy and Premium Economy.